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Manarola Crepuscolo

"Manarola Crepuscolo"


Gold Smalti, Transparent Smalti,Copper nuggets, Marble, Slate

The inspiration for this piece was a hike along the multidimensional Cinque Terre, in the Liguria region of northwest Italy. Over centuries, people have built terraces on the cliffs which overlook the sea.The old forts have given way to homes and businesses, yet all have kept the original structures and charm dating to the 11th century.

I imagined the terrain translating to tesserae. 

“Manarola Crepuscolo” detail.JPG

Using chopped pieces of slate I hoped to capture the rugged terrain jetting up from the water. Smoother marble was used for walkways and courtyards. Though the buildings are now brightly colored, I preferred the  glow cast on the

structures and the sapphire tints on the rooftops and the sea, brought out at twilight, " Crepuscolo".

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